Aya versus the Civil War (It has spoliers, deal with it)

Oh yeah, I came back from watching Civil War. It was okay.

Yes, I already hear the angry fanboys telling me that I’m wrong and this is the greatest Marvel movie and it might be, but it’s not a great movie. It keep me busy for a while, but I’ll probably not remember much from in a few months.

The first part of the movie was boring. Very boring. Not because it was political or because it had little to no action (which I don’t consider a bad thing), but because I felt nothing. Probably because I’m not a comic book fan and I’m not very familiar with most of the characters I cannot feel as much as a fan would, but all things considered I think they could have developed more the pros and cons about the new superhero laws and the tension between Steve and Tony because I left that was barely there. They barely meet, they didn’t fight like in Age of Ultron. And I do know that movie was a set up for this, but I felt an amazing lack of actual tension. It was like there was almost nothing at stake for a while.

The best part of first part of the movie (hue) was Wanda.


Her sorrow and fears, if very faintly shown, felt real which made her relationship with Vision more believable, but she grew out of it so quickly that it felt undone by the end of movie. She was barely there which made the reason why the “Civil” War broke in very empty. By the end of the movie, I almost had forgot why everyone was fighting each other and why there was a treaty signed to begin with, because all was lost to Steve’s selfish tries to save his friend, Bucky.


Being the other reason why everything happen, I felt that Bucky barely had a role in the movie. He kind of had his memory, then he didn’t, then he was controlled, then he had his memory again, but all this that should an impact that should made me think about the heroes’ situation didn’t impact me at all. He was there for the movie to move on, nothing more, which is a shame because I came into the movie wanting to like Bucky very much because he is the kind of character I like, but he left no impact. As it is case of most of the characters there, they’re just there to move the plot forward nothing more.

I do know it’s a lot to work with, but I feel that could have had less characters, less people to introduce and focus more on Wanda, Bucky and T’Challa.


Let me get this out of my system, Black Partner was cool, he was very cool, but gloriously wasted. He was very charismatic, very determined and even wise, but I felt that his final decision of not taking revenge came out of nowhere after all the work he had to catch Bucky and eventual the almost none existent villain of the movie. I felt it was out of character taking in consideration had I had seen in the reason of movie. He was so determinate and then what? A sob story made him change his mind? And I supposed to believe that?


However he is very charming and I do want to see him in his own movie that might make this change of heart make sense to me. Because, hey, I’m not comic book fan, I just read Hellboy once every blue moon.

And Spiderman and Antman were there too. It was fun? Peter was adorable, yes, but I don’t know, again it felt like a bit of the waste, but it did provide us with the best action scene of the movie, so I’m fine with that.

Sadly, Captain America was out of character but it made sense to me. He’s a broken man, he barely has no connection to a time where he was a normal human being, Carter is dead, Bucky is god knows where and your new friends have turned against you because they want something you don’t believe in, you come from the time where America meant freedom but that time is now gone. So, you look for the only connection you may still have to such a time: Bucky.


I perfectly understand his reasons. He’s torn by the fact that Wanda had to kill innocents because of him, that he is 100 years old and his world is long gone and that he might not save the only person to whom he has a connection. If he doesn’t do something, everything will be dust and the faith replacement of the kiss of a niece. I do understand his reasons and for someone I care so much, I would do the same he did, I identify with Rogers in this movie, but that doesn’t mean he is right.

One thing that annoyed me throughout the movie that everyone thinks they’re right but barely anyone presents any reasons, probably because there are no reasons to be presented and it all boils down to what the movie told us through Rogers and Tony: either we are free to go where we want sacrifice some to save man or we are restrained by the same laws everyone is.


But of course, like I said, it is a selfish decision. To go out, stop being a leader to save a friend and only for that because you believe he is innocent and you have no other link to your old life is very selfish, but I didn’t mind it. It makes Captain American not an idealized version of the all American “fight for freedom” hero, but human who’s scared of being alone and having his ideals crushed by the idea of having to wait for people in suits who sit in chairs to sign a paper saying to can go save some people. He is human and that is very good in a movie like this, where everyone seems to enjoy these characters either as amazingly flawed or untouchable marble statues.

However, despite everything, I did like the small moments with Rogers and Bucky and with Tony, especially by the end.


Tony really went full circle this time and something that I have been longing to see happening actually did happened: they touched upon his past and it was amazing.
This Tony no longer is just the sarcastic man, he’s a wounded beast. He’s going through a divorce and everything he worked for is falling apart and he cannot catch it. He is doing his best but even his best is not enough. He blames himself for the deaths for the innocent, for imprisonments, for everything, but he’s doing the closest to right thing, he’s think about the people on Earth and about how all these heroes, all this death and destruction attracts even more death and destruction. For each villain they bring down, a worse one will rise.

The real villain of this movie is exactly that: the scars, the paranoia, the ideals. The actor playing the part of the villain feels more the embodiment of those things rather than actually villain.


Tony was the most affected character, especially, when by the end he was told the truth about his parents’ death, who killed them, how they died. His ego fell into an imaginable blame and rage that have been building up since the beginning of the movie and, for me, it was beautifully done.
He is but a man trying to fix things and we seen that the best when he’s holding the body of a friend not knowing if he can save him. Finally, I can see Tony Stark fully realized. It’s not just jokes, it’s something more and I hope they keep him that way.


The action was neh, but I had some good character moments and good balance between serious and nice jokes. But is it a good movie? In some ways, but it’s not amazing. It’s cool, I recommend it if you like the rest.


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