Me, Pokemón Go and issues of the real world

We are all going to die. We know this, we cannot stop this, all we can do is living. Living until our final day comes. While we live, we come across many things good and bad. I live in a very strange time, between good and bad things, the useless and useful; I live in 2016 the year where David Bowie’s immortality ended and we were all hit with a strong feeling of mortality.

Personally, nothing scares me more than death and that is why I brought up David Bowie. In one way or another, I grew up with David Bowie’s presence. Either be his music, his looks or his movie. My father is a big of his music. I always remember David Bowie, his presence felt immortal; everyone he forgot that he was simply human and humans die.
Death always scared me, but nothing scared me more than see one of my idols fall. This all seems meaningless, I know, rambling of a woman online but this is has a lot to do with the reason why we gather around things like Pokémon GO.

In our constant death and worry, we must get away from it somehow, distract ourselves from the insanity that is our small meaningless life. That’s why we gather around and play these equally meaningless games. Most of the time these games don’t even mean anything to us, but they take us away for a second. They take away our fear of dying.

I live in a barely living country. For more or less 200 years, my country as being limping around Europe like an animal that nobody wants to put down because it looks so beautiful. Not that we want to be put down, but nobody knows how to cure us either, so we limp endlessly knowing that this country offers us nothing. A change of government will do nothing, so we wait our chance to leave or our untimely demise. So, we play. We play so we don’t think so much about our miserable lives and about our jobs and our lack of a future.

In this small time that Pokémon Go has been out, I’ve seen many things. Some wonderful some ugly.
I would like to say that I’ve started to talk to random people at work because of Pokémon GO. They have been talking about it the last days and I actually did have some information on it that I decided to pass to them because it’s not nice to leave things like “the app is already on the Google Store” to yourself and have others blocked so you can have the Pokemóns all for yourself. Pokémon GO is a game about walking and socialising with people while you catch some “cyber demons”, as someone from some church in the USA called it.
One my closer co-workers arrived this afternoon and happily showed me that he was already Pokémon GO and telling me how he would go on walks around where he lives to catch new Pokémon. We chatted for a while and I told him where to catch some cool ones in my hometown.

Would I have talked to these people in this way without Pokémon GO? No. Not at all. I’m an insecure person who (usually) thinks the lowest of herself, it’s confused with shyness but it’s actually a lack of self-esteem associated with my condition that was diagnosed when I was but a child.
These escapes have helped my life become better and kept me from doing horrible things to myself. My thoughts are horrible and they should be kept as such; talking to these people, playing these little apps has helped me doing this, in the same way, video games and books have. Because of them, I talk to people, I get close to others and I don’t lose myself in the darkness.
This might all sound very edgy, but it’s true, and it make the “dark” side of this all the more idiotic.

I’ve come across people who don’t like the new Pokémon GO fad. Of course, like a lot of things, it could get out of hand and those are understandable feelings, but calling people childish or blind for enjoying something is idiotic.
We might be zombies sometimes, following what the leaders say (though the reasons why might be obscured to outsiders), but we don’t survive without our fun, our hobbies. Without these, I wouldn’t have survived. No, don’t get me wrong, I did save myself, but these things; games, having fun; gave me a huge push towards the right direction of enjoying myself and my life. To me, there is nothing scarier than seeing someone trying to that away from me as if I’m a child under their control and I don’t know what’s good for me because Pokémons are demons, or playing Pokémon is childish, or because the government keeps track of your every move because of it, or because it blinds us from the real issues.
I don’t want to think of the “real issues” right now.

84 people, including 10 children, have died last night in Nice, France. We’re scared. Not us the French. We all, Europeans, are scared. We don’t know who is next, any country might be next and the best we can to fight this is to keep or normality. Keep having fun and looking carefree and if our world isn’t falling apart. We can’t look weak, they’re looking for weakness and division.
I think about the families that lost someone last night, the people who were hurt in some way last night, and I think about how many of them aren’t using these little apps to stay close to their family, to keep their sanity and surpass the horrible things that have happened to them. How many mothers, fathers, sisters and brother will not play Pokémon GO and other such games to remember the ones they lost because they used to play it or were excited about the release of the app?

I say, in my humble opinion, that we should keep playing Pokémon GO. For ourselves.


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